Where does the invisible friend come from?

Where does the invisible friend come from?

We are already in mid-November and all shop windows remind us that there is little time for Christmas. Nougat, nativity scenes, Santa Claus, The Magi and of course, the “invisible friend”.

Surely on occasion you have had to participate in the game of the invisible friend, with friends, colleagues, family, but where does this tradition come from? It seems, according to some experts, that the tradition comes from Venezuela. At the end of 1800 Venezuelan married or committed women could not have friends, only compadres and could not receive gifts from these, so at Christmas they met to exchange gifts and made it by randomly choosing a piece of paper on which the name was written. the person you had to give as a gift Little by little, this tradition spread to other countries and went from being called compadre de papelito to secret friend.

Another version says that the tradition comes from the USA where a man, named Larry Dean Stewart, was left unemployed and spent real economic hardships, but he had a lucky break investing in cable television and became a wealthy person, but he did not He forgot about the people who had helped him in his worst moments and other people who were going through needs, so every Christmas, he made gifts and sent money anonymously. Since then the tradition of the invisible friend was born and many people started using this game, which they call Secret Santa, among friends and family.

In the Scandinavian countries there is also another tradition that is known as ‘Julklapp’ translated as Secret Santa and consists of knocking on the door, opening it and putting the gifts, in honor of the helpers of Santa Claus who are handing out gifts together with his boss and try to represent the gifts that Santa does not give him time to distribute.

With which one do you stay?

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