Sweet time capsule

Sweet time capsule

If you have already passed the age of 30, you probably have a good memory of your classmates and unfortunately, time and work circumstances will have moved away from your side. Anyway, do not worry, since there is always a special moment to celebrate a reunion, either once a year for Christmas or for any other event and this meeting, is presented as a perfect occasion to remember all those moments that you enjoyed. small, at a time when the main concern was to choose the sweets you were going to eat.

In order to celebrate these events and surprise your friends, there is nothing better than having a box of sweets that seems to have come out of a time capsule. This thematic box has a great selection of Spanish sweets in which you can find all those that were so frequent in your childhood and that are now so difficult to find.

Nobody is bitter sweet and we are sure that with these personalized boxes you will become the king of the party. Peta Zetas, Palotes, all kinds of candy, stickers … it will be like a trip to the past leaving a great taste in your mouth. Thanks to these boxes, you will not find a better way to remember the best times of the past and recover those flavors of childhood, all this, while you share all the anecdotes with your classmates.

A very inexpensive way to surprise your friends of all life in an easy and simple way that also will never be expected. In short, the perfect complement to a theme party that you can take at the end of the celebration to ensure a great ending and awaken the child that we all have inside us.

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