Peeled sunflower seeds with a chiuaua flavor whose spicy point will transport you to Mexico.

Contained in a tube-shaped bag, they do not occupy space, which makes them a perfect ally to enjoy an aperitif. You choose when and where!

You can taste them as you prefer, by handfuls or to the gross, Directly from the bag to your mouth! In this way, as the amount present on your palate is greater, its baking and crunching when chewed you will notice them more intensely.

In Spain, pipes are one of the most famous foods and are consumed most when friends or families meet. Eating them by removing the shell becomes a way to “pass the time” while maintaining a friendly conversation, waiting for an event to take place on the streets or even as a way to appease the nerves while watching television. You also have to know that until the bag is finished, you do not stop eating.

With Pipitas Chiuaua, this food so consumed in Spain is fused with the spicy note of Mexico. Enjoy, go!

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