Delicious confections of milk chocolate and crunchy caramel, presented in different colors and name engraved on your cover of which you will become a fan just try.

You are facing one of the most popular and favorite sweets of childhood, children could spend hours separating them by colors and eating those that belonged to one or the other.

You can enjoy each one of them while you wait for them to melt in your mouth or bite them directly and notice how crispy their hard caramel cover is when they break into multiple pieces. And if you dare, try to remove the outer layer of nibbles and consume the chocolate in the form of lentil that appears inside. If you succeed, you are reaching a level pro when it comes to enjoying the Lacasitos.

So rich and known are these colorful candies that have not hesitated to use them in the development of desserts becoming, both the star ingredient of the same as the decorative element. Color your sweetest moment!

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