Licorice ribbon divided into colors and fruit flavors presented as a roll and covered all by extra pica pica.

Also known as language In Spain, this trinket of considerable length is one that most children and adults like.

Open the package containing this candy and start unrolling it as you go eating it. Do it as you prefer, to small pieces while intermingling the pica pica that surrounds it with the sweetness of licorice in each of the bites or delighting in this more acidic outer layer, then taste the different flavors that make up the ribbon.

Each of the colors corresponds to the taste of different fruits:

– Yellow, how could it be otherwise, lemon

– Green, a juicy apple

– Red, the strawberry is its protagonist

– Blue, do not get confused with this tone, to dwell!

So you choose how to enjoy this amazing and longitudinal licorice, although once you have tasted it you will find that it does not last as long as you thought!

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