Delicious chocolate coated peanuts that break into the mouth melt in a single flavor and you can appreciate the crisp texture of the dried fruit and the softness of the cocoa that surrounds it.

You are in front of one of the most famous snakcs in Spain and you may be similar to someone else you have eaten. Probably, because it is the Spanish version of the M & M’s and if you enjoy with these, with the Conguitos you will not be able to resist you. Pure delight!

They are one of the Spanish appetizers that have managed to survive over time and a reflection of this is the following data: the Conguitos song has been one of the most versioned in history, its lyrics clearly reflect who they are and how good they are is it so:

“We are the Conguitos and we are requetebién,
chocolate dresses with peanut body.
We are redonditos, and always we go to a hundred,
dressed in chocolate, with a peanut body.
Con-Con-Conguitos! ”

The secret of being irresistible and once you start the bag you can not stop, is the process used with which the peanut reaches its exact point of toasting to then be sweetened and bathed in chocolate.

The final and unique detail is the marking of each of them with fun emoticonguitos. Discover them and choose your favorite!

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